Friday, May 19, 2006

Wandering to Hong Kong

14 May 06
We went to HK by the earliest ferry (8:30pm), the day before i was thinking to change my mind for not taking the ferry as the weather here was so bad and the storm warning was being lit on, but i wanted to save more shopping time so finally we stepped on the ferry and i was the one who suffered the nausea.

I was celebrating my third Mother's day this year, this time is the special one as i could celebrate in my favor's place HK and it's first time to attend my church service in HK. At night, we went to "Avenue of Stars" to enjoy the special "lightings" that last for 15 mins. The lighting effect will turn the dark to glitter and the music playing is heart-stirring. "Avenue of Stars" is located in Tsim Shat Sui Promenade (尖沙咀海滨長廊 aka 尖东海旁), is a place that salute to eminent Hong Kong film workers, so it won't be surprise to see those hands-imprinted and sculptures over there.

15 May 06
We went to Disneyland on Monday, we supposed to leave my friend's house earlier but due to some delays hence we only arrived in Disneyland at 12:24noon.

The train and the decorations inside the train are fantastic, even the hanging hand holder is with Mickey Mouse's shape!

I was so innocent initially to think Disneyland would be less congested as it's a Monday so it's definitely out of my expectation to see those crowds! The weather was quite windy and the sun was almost being shaded by the clouds (actually seemed raining soon). Jo's soul was being rekindled when he saw "Dumbo the Flying Elephant","Mad Hatter Tea Cups" and "Cinderella Carousel", kids are kids that smart enough to survey around for their favor's events, just like Jo would look for his favor and even lined up the queue by his own. Since Jo is 26 months old, so most of the events are not allowed for us, Emm...actually is quite bored to play with Jo's favors.

There are 4 attractive places in Disneyland:
- Main Street, USA
- Adventure Land
- Fantasy Land
- Tomorrow Land

We spent most of our time in Fantasyland as Jo wasn't allowed to join some playings in Tomorrowland, hubby was a bit disappointed when knowing 3 of us couldn't enjoy together. We lost our stroller when we were playing the flying elephant, luckily the security guards there are kind enough to compensate another stroller for us and gave us a bottle of mineral water FOC. Don't think merely a mineral water, you know how much it costs in Disneyland, is HKD10 for the small bottle that can finish drinking within 30 seconds. Because of the case of lost stroller, we missed out a lots of other attractions in Fantasyland especially i missed my photo shooting with Donald Duck! You know, Donald Duck is my favour character!

The stroller can be borrowed in Disneyland with HKD50 for deposit and HKD50 for whole day rental. Thus it's very convenience for family with youngsters. But must becareful to take your belongings before you park your stroller at the parking slots. Some unethical people will pull away your stroller even the stroller is being marked down with your child's name. So, if you see the stroller without the name card then is meant this stroller is high probability from stolen.

At the Tomorrowland:

At 3:30pm, Disneyland has their festival parade that we can meet all the Disney friends and a lot of pixie dust.

After the parade, we headed to Winnie The Pooh's place as we took the Fastpass earlier before the parade, so we skipped the long queue to enter the place.

This is the entrance to read through the story of Winnie The Pooh.

After the Pooh, we were heading to Adventureland. So badly, we just managed to visit 2 events here, one is visiting to Tarzan Treehouse and another is watching the Lion King Show.

Since the Lion King Show is not allowed flashing camera, so my pictures are not pretty and a bit shaken. This is the wonderful show with splendid decorations and casting, even the singer is from African. My digital camera was out of the battery just on the half way of the Lion King show. FYI, you can bring along your charger to Disneyland as the City Hall is allowed people charging their electrical stuffs.

At 8pm sharp, it's a fireworks glitterly upon the Sleeping Castle.

(Pictures uploading soon as i need to find out my phone download cable)

Pictures with famous Characters:

16 May 06
Typhoon rate 1 (Pearl Typhoon) was hoisted, at night it rated to 3. (三号风球)
Thus, we just stayed in my friend's house and have the night-scene enjoying from 30 floor.

17 May 06
The typhoon was lashing Hong Kong Wednesday morning, so all the ferry services and flights were being stopped until further notice. Since we couldn't back to Zhong Shan, so we headed to Shen Zhen for our next vacation.

18 May 06
Home sweet home! I saw all the trees in my place are being tied by iron rod, this is for preparing the whirling of the first storm of the year. Oh, never seen the storm but finally met it in Hong Kong.


Sue said...

Nice trip... seems many of your are going to Disneyland hor :P

blurblur said...

What an enjoyable trip! I've always wanted to visit Disneyland...after reading your post, i wished i could go now..hehe..;p

Jo must be very excited to see all the famous and familiar cartoon characters! :)

Jesslyn said...

nice hor the place! when we go not so pack, still manage to try all rides!
now wien keep asking us when we'll bring Lyon there, as in her mind, if we bring Lyon, sure will bring her too! LOL

AsleyLee said...

Sue - Yalo, i also realize that many bloggers have been there too.

BlurBlur - I think you can opt to here on December. The lightings there are glitterly before Christmas. Jo was excited when playing around.

Jess - Hoho...Wien is so smart, can see her adores her meimei very much but actually just a trick.

kelly said...

We visited Disneyland on a weekday was super crowded!

AsleyLee said...

Kelly - Just wonder when is the less congestion day! I hate crowds that killed our time on queueing.

Twinsmom said...

seems like you really have whole LOAD of fun LOL...

gald by the time you come back the 珍珠 baru datang, otherwise the holiday wasted liao.

khongfamily said...

What a nice and fun trip for three of you in Disneyland. Nice shots too!

HMom said...

You guys had loads of fun. We must make a trip there when Rowena is bigger

magictree said...

What a load of FUN. Really Enjoy life ...ah! Disadvantage is , if the child is too young, cannot enjoy most of the rides and adults also can't go on the rides cos have to take care of the small ones!!!I've been tp the one in EuroDisney. For now, Genting and Berjaya Times Square is good enough for my kids.!!!

mom2ashley said...

wow! i remember my disneyland, anaheim trip when i was a kid..i loved it and i'm sure joshua had the time of his life!!!

jazzmint said...

wow very nice hoh...lately looks like everyone going to disneyland only :P

I guess disneyland in HK makes it more affordable for ppl from Asia to go, since Japan is too expensive

AsleyLee said...

Twinsmom - Ya, we have fun in HK. I met the typhoon rate 3 there, strong wind that made me couldn't stand still, almost like being blown away.

KhongFamily - Such a nice trip! Your family can go there too when your bb is older.

Hmom - Or, you can bring Harvynna first then next time only turn to Rowena. But, i also suggest the best time is above 3 years old. At least they can play most of the events.

MagicTree - Wow, Euro Disney!! Never been there and seems like never have this chance to go there too!

Dinah - Even Joshua had fun there but if i ask him whether he can remember the fun in Disneyland again when he is more bigger, sure he can't remember.

Jazzmint - Ya, HK's Disneyland is more affordable for Asian. Japan one is too expensive even it is in Asia too!

1+2mom said...

Disneyland!!!I want to go too but i think need to plan first b4 we go. I scare lost my kids there :P

AsleyLee said...

1+2 - Don't worry, in fact this Disneyland not that big if compare to other Disneylands. But also need to becareful, you know sometimes kids would forget their parents once over-playing.

pearlvanoyster said...

wow, disneyland seems real fun..
my hubs and i are planning a trip there too..but probably when max is above 1 1/2 years old

Sarah's Mummy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've just finished reading all ur entries & my conclusion is...what a fun, exciting life you have there. I love all the picture you've included & my daughter keeps wanting to see ur disney pictures over & over again. Am definitely adding you to my list of must read blogs! :D

Blogie-Talkie said...

Wonderful trips.

Allyfeel said...

Whao, it really is a kid's Heaven eh...mommy and Joshua likes the victory sign hor? Hehe! It maked you guys looks like cute Japanese... :P

Zara's Mama said...

Wow wow.. Hong Kong Disneyland looks nice huh??

Very very tempted to go.

Got any cheap and children friendly hotel to recommend? Hong Kong's accomodation too expensive, that's why I never go there for holidays.

ky said...

Wah!! You finished all these in ONE day?! Real superb! Yah, the Lion King show is spectacular. Good thing you had a replacement stroller. Heard lots of bad news abt the Hong Kong park.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Few days didn't drop in so much to read on your blog. Love your details on this Disney trip & thanks for the tip. Hubby will be going this June and gonna make him bring along Ryan. I've gotta stay home & look after Mei Mei though at its too mcuh $$$ and she is still too small to go on all the rides :(