Monday, May 08, 2006

Friend of the table

I think it isn't that intimacy if i just call my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with their specific name. How about i name them as "friend of the table"? This friend always be your side when you're hungry, sad and happy! I'm thankful because GOD give me this valuable friend.

Steam fish with ginger and broccoli.

Pumpkin with dried shrimp and fermented beans.

Ginger and spring onion fish.

Steam pork ribs with garlic and fermented beans.

Fried broccoli, celery and soft mushroom.

I have a good cooking knowledge, thankful to my MIL as she is a wonderful cooker. I have learnt a varity of dishes from her everytime back to Sabah. But you guess wrong, she didn't teach me purposely and most of the time i just stealing her cooking ways and applied to my own style.

I love to cook occasionally but my meals more on steamy foods and less fried foods. In facts, i love to eat fried food but since last December i gradually cut down those spicy, fried and heaty foods due to have bad tonsilitis. (扁桃腺发炎) How bad is it? Almost once a month and sometimes even twice a month!

Ingredients needed for my macaroni. Left milk here.

Jo dislikes macaroni if compare to rice or noodles. Anyway, he still managed to eat few spoonfuls before he started to spit out the food. Jo is well mastering his own eating's skill now. Actually, i don't have any idea on when was he learnt to own feed. Normally, I used to feed him just for saving my effort not to clean up the messy after meal, i never thought that he's smart to get himself ready for own feed. For extra reasons to build up his own dependency, i let him to feed himself most of the time now. Hubby was shocked too when seeing Jo able to finish his meal by himself.

My next aim : *Cheese Ham Pork Steak*
(While cheese and ham in the middle)


magictree said...

Gosh..I've just entered your blog only, I feel hungry! Will try to catch up with your blog. Nice to know you are in China...I haven't been there before. Always hear of 'con' businessman here!

AsleyLee said...

Magictree - Unfortunately my shooting skill not sophisticated enough, otherwise could shoot more nicer food pictures. My hubby is in account line.

Lazymama said...

Yummy yummy food!

P/s: I noticed that you have slim down leh!

Jesslyn said...

wow, u cook well hor!
share some of your recepi in cookblog!

AsleyLee said...

Jefferene - Yalo, i almost lost 10kg after practising yoga.

Jess - Thanks! Learnt from MIL. OK, next time will put the recipe in cookblog.

chanelwong said...

hungry...wah you very good in cooking unlike me...

I usually steam and hardly fry because lazy to clean the kitchen...

Zara's Mama said...

Zara doesn't like macaroni too, she prefers rice or bread..

How old is Jos? More than 3yrs old?

AsleyLee said...

Chanel - I also hate to clean the kitchen and somemore my kitchen quite windtight, if frying then the whole house will be smelly like in kitchen.

Agnes - Jo coming to 26 months old soon. But everyone likes to say he is over 3 years old. His height is inherited from daddy and mummy.

TWO LITTLE FELLAS said... are such a good cook. Joshua plus your hubby are so fortunate to enjoy nice home cooked food everyday.

Joshua looks so mature for his age.

jazzmint said...

yum yum...hey, must post some recipe to share with us in michelle's cook blog. Eyeing on the steam pork ribs with fermented beans hehe

AsleyLee said...

Two Little Fellas - "Paisey", actually just a ordinary skill. Joshua looks mature even just 26months old.

Jasmine - Faster, faster, take action and steam it out tonight. Is super easy dish.

Tracy said...

Ha, another blogger who cooks well. Share share ur recipes, okay?

I bet ur hubby must be always at the table waiting for ur delicious home-cooked food.

Sue said...

Wow... clever boy Jo Jo can finish a whole meal by himself :) and he's only about 4 months older than Ivan! :)