Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's in my bag?

I was being tagged by Twinsmom and the origin is from Mumsgather. This is an abnormal tagging topic, i never thought that the daily using bag also can put on to the web and further digging it.

I'm a bag infatuation person, i like to buy bag whenever i "conclude" it as pretty, but most of the time i just put my bags inside the cabinet and only been realized that i have those bags unconsciously during my cabinet clean-up time.

My current bag's "contains" has not much differences compare to the time i was working, previous worked bag was more dirtier and untidy if compare to current, of course my "bag's contains" are getting lesser and tidy after being a full time mum now.

I have 2 bags here, one is from my ex-colleague and one is bought from China. The first one is very Indian look that from my ex-colleague. It has a lot of shining patches around the bag, so i love it most! The second one is more on zippers, like a lot of secret compartments. (暗格)

What's inside the first bag?

It contains very simple stuffs, umbrella for unpredictable weather here, a cutie purse that fit my cards, notes and coins, handphone and 2 cutie hairclips.

My M'sia IC is not requisited in China, you can notice i don't have credit card as well. Be frankly, i never applied credit card for myself as i have my banker at home, just "did-did"(press) the button then the money will come out, so why i still need credit card along, cash not better than card? At least can control myself from not being wasted. I have one pass card to enter my downstair's gate and bonus-collection card in the purse. Somemore have the tear-off pre-buying bus tickets in my purse.

My 2 cutie hairclips, surely not for my son even he likes to clip on his hair most of the time he saw me to do this. Don't feel weird why i using Hello Kitty, i was initially bought this one for my niece, but don't know why i just love it very much lately so end up belong mine.

What's inside the second bag?

Even simple, a watch, a pen, a medical card for local hospital, tissue and a hairclip.

You might surprise why my bags are out of kid's stuff, huh? I seldom bring along Jo's stuffs if going to the short out unless go for travelling. And i never put sweet inside my bag as i experienced once my bag that full of ants to lick on the sweety. I only put the sweet in the bag whenever i go out with Jo, sweet just to lure him whenever he is out of my control.

Ok, come to pass on the tag, hahaha...who is interested can continue doing so nobody can say nothing can be blogged, but i still want to jot down their name: Jesslyn,Jefferene,Jasmine,Chanel and Agnes.


jazzmint said...

eee..i like the clip so cute lerr..can imagine when jo clip on his hair will be so funny hehe

Zara's Mama said...

wah.. so cute one your bag!

Jesslyn said...

I like the clip too!
China got lot of cutie and cheap hair clip hor! I bought a lot during my last trip! Keep for my girl as well as for myself!

magictree said...

I like your hair clip too...not the hello kitty, the other one! I always look at cute hairclips and always wish I have a girl to buy for!!!

Tracy said...

Nice bags u have there.

Huh? So little things in ur bags? I thought with Jojo around, there must be lots of things (heehee).

Tracy said...

Aiya, forget to add this:


Blogie-Talkie said...

petty simple,,,
No Hair brushes mer,, no Tisues mer.. no digital camera mer... No

blurblur said...

I like your cutie purse...really cute..

i love hello kitty stuff too! :)

AsleyLee said...

Jazzmint - Ya, he looks so cute when having the clip on his hair, he even not dare to move and pretend like very lady.

Zara's Mama - Oh, TQ! So many said the bag is cute due to its shining patches.

Jess - Yalo, China got a lot cheap hair clips, some with crystals just RMB5, i think M'sia needs more than RM20 only can buy!

MagicTree - I like to "pan leng leng"(make up) to girl too, hopefully i can have one daughter soon, if daughter sure my hubby will be very disappointed!

AsleyLee said...

Tracy - I only put Jo's stuffs in my bag if we go for long distance travel. Also simple, normally just a bottle and handkerchief. Thanks for your greeting too!

Blogie-talkie - Seldom bring digital camera out, coz i am quite "big head prawn", i scare will leave it in some place. No hair brush too as i have done the ionic straighthening, never needed to comb. Tissue...sometimes bring sometimes just forget.

Blur-blur - I bought the purse long long time ago when i was still in colleague. If not forgotten, just RM4.90 from Popular Bookstore in Amcorp Mall. Finally i found the one also like cutie thingies.

shoppingmum said...

I like the kitty cat clip, it's cute. But I dare not use any cute clips anymore, not so "chan" with my si lai look leh...

AsleyLee said...

Shopping mum - I think you better than me la, at least you still working, so "chan" is not a big issue!

mom2ashley said...

hey..I am also a bag person but unfortunately i've not been using handbags since the birth of ashley except for when i go to the office.

Allyfeel said...

your bag reminded me of a teenage girl. Haha....filled with all cutie stuffs. :)