Sunday, May 21, 2006

The most up-to-dates

Today, Jo is 26 months and 6 days old.

Height - 97cm
Weight - 15kg

Jo has 16 teeth since 18 months old, recently no new sprouting. Oh, is it deprived of calcium?

Jo Can speak lot of single words, but seldom in couplets. He can pronounce his favour's dessert "A-kim" (Ice-cream), "Ji-li" (Jelly) and Cola when i have my grocery shopping in the mart. Summarize that he owns baby language more than proper language.

Jo does his own pee and poo without mommy's helping since he was 21 months old. He would pull down his pants and sit on the potty and finish his small/big business. But funny, he would tell mommy about this time is "Shee...shee..." or "Ummm...ummmm".

Jo recent milk intake is 8oz (since he was few months old) on every feed. He refuses milk on cup so still sticking on his bottle. Mommy can't count the exactly water intake per day, sometimes he drinks more than daddy and mommy, i think this is the culprit why he got the puffy eyes most of the time. Jo accepts to drink water from cup but if milk he would whine and whine until mommy surrender to pour the milk into the bottle. I think milk from bottle just like his soother.

Jo takes 3 meals everyday, small portion of breakfast with sausage and noodle or macaroni, rice served mainly for lunch and dinner. He loves meat than veggie, he would eat the meat first then turn to rice and veggie is the last, so i prefer to feed him rather than let him to feed himself.

Jo is more independence now, he wants to :
-- soap himself
-- brush his own teeth
-- dress up by himself
-- feed himself (would roar to mommy if mommy insists to feed him)
-- walk up/down the staircase
-- take water himself from water dispenser when he is thirsty
-- wear socks and shoes by himself

Jo likes normal kid goes, he loves to eat junk food and he is a sweet-toothed (喜好甜食) boy.

Jo eats whatever fruits that mommy served, but his recent favour is grapes.

Jo knows how to tell lie, i really scratched my head where and when he learnt to lie. Perhaps, telling lie is from innately.
-- When Jo doesn't want the rice, he would tell mommy the dishes served is spicy.
-- When Jo doesn't want to walk, he would tell mommy his legs is painful.
-- When Jo doesn't want to drink, he would tell mommy he feels full.

Jo's temper is out of control occasionally, he would roar with anger when something is not belong to his desired.

Jo has grown up galore with loves. I hope he can grow healthy and be a good and fealty boy that love his God and his parents.


1+2mom said...

Jo wear diaper so cute..i also like to watch my son wear diaper without cloth, he just like those Japenese Sumo..cute!!

AsleyLee said...

1+2mom - Ya,ya, just like Sumo. Jo always loves to be topless, maybe like his papa.

Twinsmom said...

hoit! hoit! hoit! Kung-fu star in action with... nappy. LOL...

jazzmint said...

for a boy less than 3yo, he's really very independent.

the photo of him in the diapers so cute, like doing kungfu flicks

mom2ashley said...

good for Jo!!! congrats big boy!

AsleyLee said...

Twinsmom - A kung fu kid is born. Actually he wanted to do 一字马!

Jazzmint - He is independent if compare to other kids, but the worst that he is too independent and make him don't like to talk, as he can do everything he wants without telling mommy.

Dinah - Thanks! Big boy big boy i want him to talk more~~~sigh~~~

Sarah's Mummy said... girl is 3 still refuse to take off diapers. So goodlah ur boy...:D

Allyfeel said...

Haha...I think Jo is smart. He finds excuses la..not lie so that you would pamper him. :)

Bb also like that one always find excuses.

He looks so much bigger than my boy..uhhh look at that half naked stunt. haha! So cute!

kelly said...

Ah, Jo is one month younger than Qianyi but he's so tall and wow, 15kg!! My little girl's weight has been around 11kg for a long time..and everybody said she's very tall though her height is still less than 90cm. She has 16 teeth too since quite some time ago..haha.. And like Jo, she speak lots of single words..but recently she has added "it's a" in front of nouns e.g."it's a cat" etc. But your Jo is already full potty girl's still wearing diaper...:(

khongfamily said...

From the photos, he looks like a kung fu star!!!

AsleyLee said...

Sarah's mummy - My ex-nanny trained him on potty when he was just few months old. So the credit must give my ex-nanny.

Allyfeel - Maybe i need to think like what you said, sometimes just can't tolerant his excuses, sigh.

Kelly - Oh, QianYi just one month older than Jo, haha, Jo looks more mature than QianYi. Have to potty trained him as can save money too.

KhongFamily - Haha, sooner or later i will become star mother.

Zara's Mama said...

Hee hee.. he's also smart leh.. knows how to 'bluff' mummy.

Zara's Mama said...

Hee hee.. he's also smart leh.. knows how to 'bluff' mummy.

Sue said...

Arent they smart, after learning some words from us, they know how to apply it to different situations... like spicy for dont want to eat food :P

Sabrina said...

He looks so cute and such a smart boy. Looks like you are having a great time in China.

blurblur said...

I like the cute..reminds me of the character on 'want want' biscuit? :)

He's getting more and more independant...

Twin said...

haven't been visiting for awhile .... Jo is really a big boy now. In no time he'll be going to school. :)