Sunday, May 07, 2006

Visiting to Safari

Venue : 香江野生动物世界,广州番禺 (Xiang Jiang Safari Park)
Date : 05/05/06
Time : 11am till 2pm

As we were visiting my hubby's uncle in "Pan Yu" (番禺) on 04/05/06, so we decided to stay overnight in "Pan Yu" in order to have more time to meet around those relatives that origin from China. "Pan Yu" is nearby to my place, it's about 1 and half hour distance to there.

If you're a Hong Kong movie's supporter, you might able to know "人生马戏团" (HK's recent movie) was featured from "Pan Yu", and the circus's show was a real circus from "长隆欢乐假期" (a place like Sunway Lagoon).

However, we're not visiting to 长隆 even their shows are totally inspiring us. They provide circus, stunt-man show, magic show and the night zoo adventures. After asked for few suggestions, we finally decided to go to "Xiang Jiang Safari Park" as the name "Safari" was already inspired us.

By the time we reached at the safari park, the rain started to drop that definitely chill off my exciting mood. The Spring weather is unpredictable, rain dropping a while then comes to sun shinning a while, and vice versa. I have suffered 3 times of rain droppings and 2 times of rain stoppings when i have my 3 hours wandering in the park.

Jo didn't show his exciting face like daddy and mummy, i think the weather was the culprit that made Jo felt tired most of the time. When we were having our train-ride inside the wild predator zone, Jo started to do his funny action by pointing the animals with his bubble gun. The bubble gun is fancy, can blow the soap's bubbles and can be a short gun with music playing. He kept saying "Beng...beng...beng" to the animals.

Nice to visit to this park, there was so many of first times to get familiar to those animals. First time of seeing white color tiger, camel and horse (以为只有西游记才出现),first time to see panda, leopard, and even the anteater (it eats ants and termites, 食蚁兽). The species are many, but the names are totally out of my mind. I only able to recall some names that top rated in my flavour list. You know what animal i like most? the king of the forest "LION".

Fortunately Jo was brave enough to stand close to the animals, perhaps he watches too many times of "Madacasgar" and "Barney to Zoo". What you can see from "Madacasgar", you would able to see from this safari park too.

After our lunch (lousy and costly) in the park, i decided to go back home as Jo was asleep on daddy's shoulder, my digital camera was ran out memory, rain still dropping, the least umbrealla also worn off and Jo's cap lost in the jungle, from this so many reasons that forced me to go back home earlier.

This trip was good to open OUR eyes, can be rated to money worth trip. The bad image is the hotel which i was staying, i never never been this kind of hotel, one word to describe it - DIRTY! I told the servant that i wanted to change my room, but her reason was "No need to change la, every room is like that", i almost fainted when heard this. What kind of service they provided? The carpet in the room is "black", it make me felt like there's no walk space for me. Furthermore, it was a difficult part which i need to restrict Jo from stepping on the carpet, so terrible, the whole night he only could sit and stand on the bed. For sure, i couldn't sleep well throughout the night as the room is so smelly. I think not because i was over sensitive. End up, hubby was a victim to listen on my mumblings.

We spent lot for these 2 days, it's very costly for transportation, hotel, meals and entrance fees(RMB120/pax). Who said expenses here are cheap??!!

Today is the last day of the golden holiday. (五一黄金假期). Everything will back to normal tomorrow!


mom2ashley said...

looks like the zoo there is so much nicer than the ones you find here in kl....i love the white tiger!!!

AsleyLee said...

Mom2ashley - The zoo here is more enticing if compare to KL's one. At least able to find some special animals.

Jesslyn said...

Hey, i been there on oct 2005, zoo there surely cannot beat with Malaysia zoo lar!

Blogie-Talkie said...

wow,, nice zoo to visit.
My sister just got back from Guangzhou. I have a ex-Colleague's living in GuangZhou city, She begging us to visit her before we visit KL probably end of this year.

AsleyLee said...

Jess - So coincidence! M'sia zoo still acceptable, but this safari park is further acceptable.

Blogie-talkie - Come to GuangZhou, "Pan Yu" just nearby GuangZhou. You try your best to fulfill her wish since she already begged you.

Jesslyn said...

Hey, suggest u visit 宝墨园, also a very nice park in GZ, near Panyu too!
Last time we join local tour, RMB240 for zoo and the park, include all entrance fee, one lunch and transport, worth it!

Zara's Mama said...

I love the white tiger.. and the zoo looks so much cleaner than our zoo!!

AsleyLee said...

Jess - Thanks for your info. I will check it out from the local agent.

Zara - Agree, white tiger is preciously seen in this park. They charge too expensive for the entrance fee, i think this is a reason why their zoo is more cleaner than us.

jazzmint said...

wow so nice, got white tiger somemore!! I heard in Beijing, there's a zoo specifically for Pandas!!!

Tracy said...

Wah, they allow the white tiger to lie down just like dat? Not scared meh?

The animals in the zoo are so much 'alive-looking' compared to M'sian's.

Sue said...

I loves safaris! If not for myself, it's for my kids I love places like these :)

And re the dirty hotel room, I hate dirty rooms too, make me feel itchy all over and cant sleep... I know it's mostly psychological but still, we're paying good money for it, the least they can do is clean it thoroughly hor...