Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Series of sleeping patterns

Most of you know that blogspot is being blocked in China, i have to use a proxy (Secure Tunnel) in order to login to blogspot. But, today Secure Tunnel is totally down for accessing, i refreshed my page again and again for uncountable times, eventually i was so desperated to give up.

I've been surfing for another proxy, and finally i found a good proxy. This proxy even let me to comment on blogspot with word verification which is being turned on. So, you might be felt weird why suddenly my name appearing on your blog. Hehe...please welcome me!

OK, back to the topic..

It was quite a long time i didn't take any snapshot for Jo, suddenly i saw these patterns when i just turn my face to him. Wah, faster take camera lo...

This is the first pattern. He hold his buttock up and sucking his bottle.

This is the second pattern. He suddenly turned his body, while the bottle still on his mouth.

This is the third pattern. After a few minutes, his bottle dropped and he was showing his tummy.

This is the fourth pattern. Mommy moved Jo from sofa to bed, at least he could have well sleeping on bed.


Lazy Bone said...

I didn't know blogspot is blocked in China... hmm, interesting.

Anyway, Joshua really good boy lah, he sleeps on his own. My son, on the other hand, insists us to sleep with him, otherwise he will not sleep at all - he keeps walking and playing, like with endless energy like that. :(

1+2mom said...

He is so cute. I think every toddler sleep just like an angle. Sometime i saw my gals sleep so well i dun dare to disturb them and i like to see them sleep..hehe.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Joshua 訓得好多姿勢喔!好得意!
which part of China you are?

shoppingmum said...

No wonder you're not using blogspot previously.
Joshua can sleep by just taking water? My boy has to take milk, water can "lull" him to sleep.

AsleyLee said...

Suzette - They block many things, sometime MSN's space also couldn't login. I can't deny that sometimes Jo is good boy as most of the time he would sleep by his own. Besides, he would cover himself with the blanket before he goes to sleep. But, sometimes he would act like monster that i have to use my cane to force him to bed.

1+2 = Agree! Agree! They are the prettiest when they sleep. I pray that no only their sleep like angel, i wish the angels are around them to protect them from any hurt.

blogie-talkie - I'm staying in Zhong Shan (孙中山的故乡), Guang Zhou. Is a windy place than other places of Guang Zhou.

ShoppingMum - It's quite a long time to own this blogger account, but seldom use it as that time i found MSN's space is quite flexible. However, now i realize that blogger can do more fancy setting than MSN's space, so finally moved myself here.

Twinsmom said...

whao... the pose so comfy... make me also want to oii-oii liao!!!

Zara's Mama said...

Aaah.. these photos make Jo looks like he's 2+..

Tracy said...

Wah, so long haven't been lurking into ur blog and suddenly I see dat Jojo's such a big boy now.

How's he doing in China? Schooling yet?

AsleyLee said...

Twinsmom - Hehe..i wanna ooi ooi too.

Zara's mama - He looks bigger but actually quite young!

Tracy -Ya, Jo is 2 yrs old boy now, haven't gone to school. Too expensive fees!