Thursday, August 07, 2008

Claypot chicken rice with shallot

I love shallot every much, but i just cannot eat it round the year as staying in 4 seasons country. Shallot even hard to be found at market during the Winter.

I like to eat claypot chicken rice, but the way i cook the claypot chicken rice is somewhat difference than others. I like to fry the Chinese sausage with the fine chopped shallot, then only i would pour the Chinese sausage into the claypot and bring to stove after finely mixed the chicken, rice and Chinese sausage. I know most traditional cookings of claypot chicken rice do not include shallot, however, if you like the taste of shallot then perhaps can just give yourself a new taste.

Shallot, i just love to eat it but hate to chop it as shallot can cause eyes irritation. Friend of mine said she was tearless if she was chopping the shallot with her contact lens, but she was tearing if with her specs. As for me, both methods can easily irritate my eyes.

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