Sunday, August 10, 2008

Osim Uzap helps achieving my ideal weight

I found that both of my calves look more thinner this morning when i just woke up from bed. I am quite "huge" in body size, and can never wear size S. I started my diet plan since early of July (2/7), sometimes i could really control myself for not taking any high calorie foods yet sometimes i failed especially during weekend. Weekend is always family outing day, so it was hard for me for not taking any food. Luckily the Osim Uzap has been helping me a lot, it is the belt simply designed to break the stubborn fats around tummy, thigh, calf and buttock, the belt also can be used to massage my neck, back and shoulder. Will keep using the Osim Uzap till i get my desired weight. Although my weight has been dropped, but my tummy still looks flabby due to lack of exercising. i am just fully relied on Osim Uzap and have totally forgotten my yoga practicing. :)

Oh, I bought the Osim Uzap at RMB1280. Cheap? Yeah..

1 comment:

jacss said...

hey, i hv d Osim belt too but it didn't really worked for me like it has for you leh.... :(
maybe i wasn't that persistent in using it....shall use it more consistently!!