Saturday, August 09, 2008

Migrate to Australia

We had never thought of migration previously, but recently, we have been thinking that. Reason is simple, we want to provide a good education system to our boys. I am actually not biased the education system in Malaysia since both hubby and me were educated at there since young, and we satisfy the education system in China too. We are not China born Chinese, but as a Chinese, i have always wanted my boys know how to speak proper Mandarin, Mandarin and Chinese culture is our root which we never can forget. Having said so, i do emphasize their progressing of English, but my boys do not have much opportunity to learn English in China. In fact, we long for staying in English culture country too, that's why we have been planning to migrate to Australia these days. The plan has not been completely planned, as money is still a big issue for us unless we sell off our gold coins now for more strong financial backup. But gold investment can keep it for long, the longer you keep the more return you get, so i think we better keep the gold coin first rather than sell it off. I believe we can get more attractive return one day in future.

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