Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lousy GlobeDomain

I have 2 blogs hosted under GlobeDomain, but don't know why i can't access my blogs in China, actually highly suspected the culprit is the government of China. As most of you know, China doesn't have freedom for broadcasting news and doesn't have freedom of accessing some websites.

For example, they had blocked wikipedia, blogspot, 4shared.com and a lot more, but recently i can access those blocked sites due to the Olympic games. Now the Olympic games has overed, so i can foresee the government here will block those sites again. *sigh*

I somehow don't know why they wanna block the sites, did those sites inflict any serious problems to their people? I really don't know, sometimes i just feel like they're goons as they block most of the websites. I hate this, what's more now i need to migrate my 2 blogs to other hosting server. You know, having data migration will just waste my money, furthermore, both of my blogs still have long to go till they expire! *hate*

Speaking to the GlobeDomain, actually i have been hearing how lousy of their supports for a year, i was not really believed it at first, but now, i can tell you, YES, their supports are super lousy and they have not served me perfectly even though i have been submitting my tickets diligently. Gosh, i am in rush to migrate my database to new server, i need their authorization code so that my new hosting registrar is able to help me in data migrating, but, this supports of GlobeDomain just has just ignored my tickets and has never bothered to give me a reply!

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