Saturday, August 09, 2008

I don't like my Cloth Diapers

After few days of email chasing, the seller finally decided to reply me and informed me she had just sent the cloth diapers for me. The parcel had arrived last night, i was glad to see the parcel but i was pretty angry to see the microfiber insert which is quite dirty. It supposed to be in white color, but i saw some dirty spots on the insert, and i really doubted that the BumGenius is not 3.0 but is the old version, 2.0. I had ordered 2 pieces of Bumkins AIO, 2 pieces of Happy Heiny's and 1 BumGenius, although i have not let Eli tried on the Bumkins and Happy Heiny, i could already tell you i have known the result. Both quality of Bumkins and Happy Heiny are lousy, gosh, i am really regretted now, if i had known the quality earlier, i would have just ordered more BumGenius. Sigh, just wasted my money!

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