Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm addicted to online shopping

I only have 4 cloth diapers (BumGenius), although Eli doesn't wear it for full time, 4 cloth diapers really seem not enough for him from 9am till 9pm. My friend asked me why not go for full time since wearing cloth diaper can save more money and even friendly to environment for long run, yeah, i know, but be frankly i still prefer him to wear disposable diaper at night although the prices of disposable diaper like Mamypoko, Huggies Red and Pampers are more expensive than the prices stated in Malaysia.

At first, i preferred to buy more microfiber inserts, but, the postage charge is more expensive than the inserts itself if i order them from USA. The insert is at USD3.5 per piece, but the postage charge is about USD34, that's why i just ordered my cloth diapers from this which the owner is staying in HK. The postage charge just about HKD45 to send the parcel to Shen Zhen. I am still prefer to have more microfiber inserts, since hubby is going to Missouri this coming September, so will ask him buy the inserts directly from there.

The cloth diapers i got from are :-
1 x Happy Heiny's Pocket, 145.00 = 145.00
2 x Bumkins All-In-One, 145.00 = 290.00
1 x Happy Heiny's One-Size, 179.00 = 179.00
1 x BumGenius One-Size, 175.00 = 175.00
shipping = 45

So total is HKD834, i paid it by using my Paypal money, USD1 = HKD7.60910, so total in US dollar is $109.61. I seldom use my Paypal money, most of the time i used it for buying those scrapbooking stuffs, so this actually considered first time i used it for something real in physical for my son. Hopefully i can get them latest by Wednesday, hehe...just can't wait to see those cloth diapers in real. And, very soon i will use my money for some fine arts from Art Storage too. My house just deprived of some beautiful decorations, that's why it always looks dull to everyone. I believe having colorful arts at home can bring more delightful feels for everyone.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

CDs are really expensive. My hubs paid more than RM500 for 7 pieces of CDs. My baby only wears CDs 50% of the time.