Sunday, August 10, 2008

Passion of beauty

I always want to wear ankle boots, however i hardly wear them due to my physical height. I am tall with 175cm, so i would look ever more taller if i wear high heels. I ever saw an one inch high of heels, but the ankle boots do not look nice with just 1 inch, i somehow felt like the length of heels only perfect with at least 2 inch or more. Speaking to the ankle boots, i would prefer open-toe which the design is most hottest at this season. I am such a vain pot, i like everything that looks nice and i ever thought of learning in Beauty Schools. These days, this mind of studying again has been kept popping out, but i really wondered would i still fit enough to go to school again with my current age and even need to juggle the family and kids at the same time. I have the passion to learn everything about beauty and hope to get a certificate too, who knows i can open a beauty center one day in future.

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