Monday, May 19, 2008

Crumpler camera bag

I feel like buying another Crumpler camera bag although i have already had the size of 3 million. I saw the Crumpler which i was not sure what is its exact size, i just be told that it is a limited edition. I did a tad measurement, it is actually like the size of 5 million.

The Crumpler camera bag is at HKD690, i wonder will the price drop one day in future? I will only buy it if it can be dropped to less than HKD500. I have been spent quite a lot lately, now really a time to save a bit since i do not have much assignments to do.

The prices of different size of Crumpler camera bags : -
5 million - HKD470
6 million - HKD630
7 million - HKD790

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