Monday, May 26, 2008

He loves Harley Davidson

Hubby loves sport, despite it is indoor or outdoor activities. Other than sport, he loves cycling, in short, he is just an enthusiast of motorcycle. The first bike he had is Yamaha RXZ, then the second bike he had is Kawasaki ZXR, these 2 motorbikes had been brought us a lot of memories and we loved to go traveling with the bike in our early courtship days. Hubby sold out his loved ZXR on year 2000 because that time he had financial hardship, but his love towards motorbike has never been faded.

Today, as we have more stable financial status, hubby is planning to buy Harley Davidson. Perhaps you would feel weird why he loves Harley Davidson lately as his previous two bikes were looked more sporty, the reason actually is just the friends around him now are the enthusiasts of Harley Davidson, so he got affected after listening repeatedly of their driving fun of Harley Davidson.

Hubby is kind of detailed person, other than browsing a good and cheap Harley Davidson, he also checking for Harley Davidson Parts. When you own a motorbike, of course you would wonder where can get the cheapest parts, Harley Parts actually are quite easy to be found in some aftermarket with reasonable price. Also, some websites do offer the discounted and genuine Harley Accessories, like the is definitely a site that Harley Davidson fanatics cannot be missed out.

Sometimes i just laud of the advance of technology, with its emergence, hubby even can meet other enthusiasts of Harley Davidson who come around the world without going out. Do you know why? Just join the online forum as well as club, see, making friends with same interests is simple as counting one, two, three.

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