Saturday, May 17, 2008

Glashutte Original

Tomorrow i am going to celebrate my first "3" birthday, will no longer in my late twenty anymore after tomorrow. Happy? Yes, i am happy, age actually doesn't symbolize whether you're old or young, you still can be young in your heart even you're 70. Hubby hasn't bought anything for me yet, as for myself, i will buy something special for myself since this is my first "3" birthday and i should have rewarded myself after delivered 2 babies. Of course, will only buy something which i can afford.

If you are also in the midst of choosing birthday or anniversary present for your loved one, and if you can afford something more expensive, then the glashutte original is just so perfect to be purchased. You can browse through the collection at ViaLuxe, the assortment of every style and collection will definitely surprise you. Glashutte Original is from Germany, and the watchmaker has produced fine timepieces since 1845, that's why the quality of their timepieces is guarantee to people who hold their timepieces. Just check out ViaLuxe for this elegant and nice watches either for yourself or your loved one. Some more, Father's day is just about a month away, so, are you going to choose one beautiful watch for your father?

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