Friday, May 16, 2008

Destruction of the earthquake

Everyone talking about the recent 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Si Chuan province and i have been receiving a lot of warmth messages from my blogger friends. Well, we all fine and actually Shen Zhen is quite far away from Si Chuan, so Shen Zhen is a safe place from the massive earthquake. The earthquake not even damaged the buildings and it destroys people family and ruins people hopes. The death toll still increasing over time and perhaps the secondary disaster like flood threaten may be approached due to the escalating of the reservoirs near the epicenter. Even another dangerous approach like illness disaster will still threaten the life of victims, survivors as well as rescuers.

How lucky to be a Malaysian, though it is a scorching hot country at least it is a country safe from any natural disasters. What a sad to hear now nowhere is safe there since the rate of kidnapping, rape, and robbery have been increasing apparently. What the country going to be if the people do not like their country at first?

My friend jokingly said we should think of migrating to more peaceful country, be honestly, i wish i can but migration needs a lot of money and we really lack of this extra money to think of having a good life in another country like in Australia or New Zealand. My friend even jokingly said we can think of selling endowment policies so that we can have more money in hand, as a matter of fact, if i was really selling my endowment policy, i would think of paying off my current debts more than thinking of migration. I definitely prefer debts free life.

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