Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gundam Dynames

At first i thought he would like the Bumblebee, but yesterday he told me he prefers to have Gundam Dynames as his Children's day gift. Actually i do not want to spend so much in toy since he has quite a lot of toys that put aside and never get a touched. Buying more toys for him will just let him doesn't know how to appreciate his toys. Gundam sells about RMB200+ in Coastal City, slightly expensive than Toy's R us, however, i will not buy it from either Coastal City or Toy's R us as i will buy from, which the site just like ebay but do not have to bid the item. I had checked the Gundam Dynames in, oh boy, it is just so cheap, of course i am comparing the model and the price which i saw in Coastal City and Toy's R us.

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