Tuesday, May 20, 2008

France - my childhood dream place

I like France, the affection started be built up since i was young as i have an aunt has been married a France man. A little that i knew, France is a very far place and i was yearning that i can be there in one day, or possible better get a France man be my husband after seeing the romantic treats that my aunt had got it from his France husband. That's what in my mind during my childhood.

Now, of course i didn't get a France hubby, but the mind of going to France is getting even stronger as time goes by. And, my 30th birthday wish is go traveling with my loved hubby and my 2 cheeky boys. Hubby said he will make my wish comes true and he appreciates my effort that i have put in to the family and his kids, seems like visiting to my childhood dream place can come true very soon coincidently he has 10 holidays in October.

As an experienced traveler, i never book my holiday vacation through agent as i would like to save the agent's fees for other purposes like spending in scrumptious meals. What i normally do is booking directly from the owner of the property. Some might ask how easier to deal with the property owner since they do not know one, yes, it is hard to get through them provided you do not know a reliable one. In fact, you can book your holiday vacation through Holiday-Rentals where the site can provide ideally cheap yet pretty and comfortable property for you.

I simply love the Cottages in Indre-et-Loire, most i found are private cottage with secluded garden which is greatly for husband and wife. France is a place always full of surprises and attractions, since i was young i have known that French have a terrific skills in the art of making perfumes and fine wines. So, Loire Valley is our must visit place as my hubby is a wine fanatic, so nothing beats to feel out the enchanted land of vineyards and testing out the variety of grape wines.

I always feel no regret to invest my money in Canon EOS450D and i have always believed that i can take more nicer pictures during my vacation. So i definitely will bring along my DSLR especially i just cannot miss out the shooting of French chateau and those superb architectural heritages, of course if i am rich enough then i will definitely pamper my family a night stay at French chateau.

I just can't wait to have my France holiday now...


renet13 said...

Good for u Hui Sia. Sure sounds exciting and impatient to wait till October, rite? As for me, hvg 4 kids, difficult to travel with all of them. Cost also quadriple. anyway hub promised me a reward trip for having gotten 1st class honour in my dedree course recently. So we are only going to Bali..spa, massage, local food, lots of shopping...Cant wait for early June to come.

Shern's mom said...

A love link tag for you, huisia.
come tag along at http://inmypyjamas.blogspot.com/2008/05/friends-around-world.html

L B said...

We are the Champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the Champions -
We are the Champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the Champions - of Europe -