Sunday, May 18, 2008

New to Denver? Denver Magazine can help....

If you are a new mover to Denver city, then the Denver magazine is a best magazine for providing the useful information from local business, political, cultural buzz, entertainments till city happenings to you. It has always been a problem when one new to a place, this just let me recalled my first time arriving in China, i was totally new to the place that i even did not know where is the market, where is the bus stand, where is the place that i could do my grocery shopping. See, i was just too green to everything and due to this reason, i was only stayed at home most of the time when hubby went to work. If i could find a magazine like Denver magazine here, i believed that i could truly enjoy my life in China. However, this was just a life when i first arrived here, now, i can recognize most of the places and roads here.

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