Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drug Guide from Epocrates

As a mother, i always keep eyes on what my kids' food and i won't simply to let them have the medicines if they can recover from their sick by their own. Some doctors are very disgusting as they like prescribing antibiotic to little kids even the little kids just simply have the flu or fever. Undoubtedly antibiotic can make them recover their sick more faster but the light side effects can never be neglected. I become a very smart mother as times goes by, i would check the drug guide even doctor said it is safe to be taken. With my Blackberry, i could simply download the drug reference guide from Of course i still cannot be my own family doctor, but at least i can always have useful drug guides around the clock and wherever i am. Even doctors and clinicians accessing this online drug reference site, then what's more about me?

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