Monday, May 19, 2008

Shortage of Enfa milk powder in HK

The price of Enfamil A+ 900g (known as Enfalac A+ in Malaysia) is now at HKD210.99, gosh, previously just about HKD189, then how come the price can be soared within a short period of time? Not mentioned the price escalating lately, the stock of milk powder also seems shortage in HK. When i was shopped for the Enfamil A+ and Enfakid A+ last Saturday, i was told that there is no stock for Enfakid A+ and only got 3 tins of Enfamil A+ left, due to the milk powder shortage happened recently in HK, parents tend to be crazy when comes to buying milk powder, i even saw some parents use trolley to sweep empty the milk powder rack. I can understand their mindset, as for myself, i also swept finished the only 3 tins of Enfamil A+. This 3 tins may only able to last for 3 weeks, hopefully the stock is available soon. As for Jo, sigh, i just do not know where i can buy Enfakid A+ for him.

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