Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Insurance for the baby

I can almost bid farewell to my torturing confinement, yeah, another 8 days to go! Those confinement taboos are so freaking, however i am glad that i can bear it especially for not washing my hair for the whole month. Actually thanks to the weather as it has been raining every day, so less sweating means less hair itchiness.

I have been received a lot of phone calls from few of my friends, those of them have a common attribute as they are an insurance agent from different insurance companies and their intention is also the same, that's introducing their policy plan for my baby. Be frankly i did feel annoying to listen to those policy plans during my confinement. I know insurance is important and of course i will invest one for my baby, but definitely not during my confinement. I hate disturbance.

Actually i can browse through the internet and get the information i want, with the advance technology nowadays, everything can be googled easily. What's more i need more understanding about insurance as there is variety types of insurance available in market, every insurance has its own pros and cons, so i better check it out properly before i sign up any policy. I am more keen to look for term life insurance, will check it out as soon as possible and of course have to get the quote first before i can start comparing every single detail provided by different companies.

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blinka.Li said...

oh yeah, insurance and agent! they can be quite annoying! anyway, I really salute you for not washing your hair the entire month!! i did it every 3 days! That is my tolerance! hahaha