Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everything needs money

Time flies, we almost can bid goodbye to month of May. I always like month of May as it is a month which filled with few memorable days such as mother's day, my courtship anniversary day as well as my birthday. But this year, i didn't really celebrate those days as i have been in my confinement. However, i can get my freedom again in another 3 days. Sigh, June is around the corner even though i have not really enjoyed the month of May.

The coming of month of June is definitely a month that needs to spend a lot, just for paying the insurance premiums can already cause a big hole in my hubby's wallet. I have summarized the insurance premiums in total for hubby, me and my 2 boys, it's at RM9626.79, as for my baby girl, i still not sure how much we should spend because the insurance agent yet to give me the life insurance proposal. Thus, i think the amount is definitely can over RM10k after including my baby girl's insurance premium.

We have been spending a lot lately, sigh, time is hard and money is just so hard to be earned now. But what can we do, life is still going on, much less i had just given birth, of course everything needs money.

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