Thursday, May 07, 2009

China or Sabah?

Recently a lot of people asking me when would i go back to China, well, actually till now i still do not really plan out the date. Be frankly i really don't feel like going back, i simply love staying in KK though KK is hot, however, for the sake of Jo's education, staying in KK is a wise decision. Of course, i have been warned by a lot of people too that i couldn't leave my hubby alone in China, i know definitely, a distance relationship would eventually harm to us, that's why until now i have not really decided.

Staying in China is quite boring, without own transport means kids and me have to coop at home everyday, i pity my kids, they are hardly to enjoy the outdoor fun and that's why they were always cranky when we were still in China. As for myself, i hate when comes to loading some internet websites as China likes to block access to certain websites, recently i know that the government has just blocked the Youtube site, as for the blocking reason, yeah, i don't know and i think so do other people who are staying in China.

All the while i love to download the digital scrapbooking freebies from 4shared dot com, but funny that i was not allowed to access 4shared dot com in China, reason of course the site is banned by China government. But WHY, i don't know!

If i had a choice i would choose to stay in KK..


Allyfeel said...

How have you been coping with the pregnancy? Hope you are ok and well. let me know if you are going back to china, I wwant to visit KK, may be can meet up with you... :)

Vivianz said...

I recently found out they block youtube!!!! ARGH!!! There are so many clips my girl loves to watch, damn geram!