Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I wish to have a house

I don't know whether we still want to buy the townhouse or not, hubby says he would buy if the owner willing to deduct another RM10k, however, i don't think he's willing since i have been calling the owner for few times but i still have not got any clearly response from him. Actually the passion and excitement of buying the townhouse has vanished, and now actually i am interesting in buying landed property more than duplex townhouse.

There was currently a new two and the half semi-D launching, i have exhorted hubby to visit the show unit but until now this man of mine still dallying there. He has been too concentrating in learning golf, so seems like he wanna to be a professional golfer more than wanna to buy a house for his wife.

I wish to have a house which it better nearby my parents' house, so that if really my son is going to study here, we at least has somewhere to stay, unlike now, 3 kids and me are all squeezing at my parents' house. I know, i actually can go back to my hubby's house but the location of his house just not up my alley although his house is more nicer and commodious than my parents' house.

Alas, hope i can get a proper house soon, then i can start looking for a Moving Company to move all my furniture and packed boxes to my own house. Yeah, i wish i could have my own house, i really mean it. I hope to settle down so that my kids can enjoy more stable life in here.

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