Sunday, May 24, 2009

I like everything in pink color

I am still co-sleeping with my newborn baby, i like the idea of co-sleeping since it's much more convenience for me to take care of her like changing her diaper as well as breastfeeding her. Since i am staying at my in-laws' place now, so the baby can still co-sleep with me, but once i go back to my mum's place, it's just impossible to co-sleeping again as the queen size bed must be occupied by my 2 boys. With 2 active monkeys around, i don't think it's safe to put my baby on the bed, what if the boys accidentally hurt their sister, right?

I don't have a baby cot, but now i seriously think i should have one although i won't be staying here for long. Never mind, a good quality Baby Bedding can still hand down to others, some more my brother-in-law is getting married soon, so whatever i buy now can definitely hand down to their baby in future. So, no wasteful, right?

Having baby girl is such a joyful as i can indulge myself in buying everything pink in color. I like pink which the color soothe my mood and uplift my spirit, so i think the color is great for my baby girl too. Wow, what a lame excuse to indulge myself for spending more.

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