Monday, May 11, 2009

All about my confinement ladies

The confinement lady (CL1) supposed to help me, but she lost her son the week before i delivered my baby. The sudden news has sent her to mourning so she passed the confinement job to her friend who is also a confinement lady (CL2), but the CL2 was still working for another mommy and only be free after 6/5, so the CL1 called her another friend who was free to be my confinement lady (CL3), but this CL3 has another confinement job on 13/5, so means she would just help me a short while till the CL2 could come.

CL3 was with me from 30/4 till 7/5, she's quite an alert lady and has always taken her initiative to do everything for me. With her along, i was like a queen. I like her smartness and intelligence, but nothing is perfect, she is a blabbermouth who loves to talk. Although i felt like i was a queen the whole day, but my ears hardly got rest because she has lots of things to tell me even though i seldom give any response. Everything said by her was about the little trivia matters happened around the household, so during her service, it was like my house is having a broadcast microphone that made me able to know everything that had happened at downstair, be it the trifle things that done by the maid or everything about my MIL. Actually i felt very annoying to hear this and that. Other than that, she is a clean freak, she would scold my boys if they accidentally messed up the room. So with her presence, i have sort of feeling like i was staying at her house not that she was staying at my house.

Then come to CL2, who is in her early 50's, according to CL3, CL2 has been working as a confinement lady for few years so i can rate her as EXPERIENCED one. Before CL3 left, she has told CL2 how to continue her work. At first i thought this CL2 would be another smart lady whom i don't need to tell her what should she do for the baby as well as me, but, i am so wrong as this CL2 is quite inexperienced and she is quite slow to finish her daily chores. I think she really has problem to manage her time well, and she hardly takes care the baby. Ever since my CL3 left, i am the one who is taking care of my own baby, day and night. Well, i don't mind to take care of my baby, but i feel extremely furious when she can't do other things well. She is like so blur, so slowness, so unordered, actually you name it, she's probably had it. Gosh, now i wonder can i stop using her, you know, i feel very unworthy to pay her RM2500. But if i sack her then who can help me? It's tough to get a good CL now..


janice said...

ur MIL is not helping you ka ?? perhap u cud call CL2 back for help.. flatter her bit lah .. now u need more rest wor.. and NO NO NO tension..

blinka.Li said...

yeah, tough to get a good one....sigh what to do? maybe you should tell her straight in her face that you need certain things to be done YOUR WAY instead?