Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's a good time to invest in property

The townhouse that i had been eyeing for has been sold out, i felt nothing at all when i was told by my sister. But i became a way moody after i read an email from my SIL. In her mail saying that her friend has just bought a townhouse, and coincidentally the one that bought by her friend was actually the one i wanted to buy too. Moreover, her friend is a property broker and she intends to mark up the townhouse, and now she asks me whether i am still interested or not. The answer is NO, that's really no point to spend extra in buying the townhouse that has been marked up unreasonably.

Actually now is a good time to invest in property hence to enjoy the low mortgage rate provided by banks, that's why hubby and me are quite eagerly wanted to buy a property even though economic is still bad now. Perhaps i should take a look at St. Thomas Villas, and hopefully i can find an affordable house there. Our family does need a proper house, you know, i just hate moving around, so do my kids and for the sake of my kids' education, i do hope i can have more stable life from now onwards.

Hope my dream in buying a house can come true in no time!

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Maurice said...


In property investing it is necessary to understand creative strategies such as options, no money down and cash back deals. Invest not just for asset building, but also for cash flow. One needs to structure each deal to suit the property sellers situation.

Understand both buy-to-sell and buy-to-let strategies. Don't start investing in property thinking it will be easy money with very little effort. Property investing will require a lot of hard work and dedication especially from the outset. Educate yourself on the subject and develop a list of like minded friends and mentors whom you can consult when you are in trouble.