Sunday, May 24, 2009

So much to do, so little time

Hubby will be in town again this coming Wednesday, yeah, i have been waiting for his return as i miss him badly. Although we chat every night through MSN, i still feel a way lonely because i can't feel the closeness chatting through MSN. I prefer to use phone, at least the voice is more closer but the point is, long distance call is expensive. We need to save for the sake of our kids. What's more hubby is a sole breadwinner, earning little but 5 mouths are waiting to eat.

For better future, of course we need to think twice before we spend, but something we cannot save but must spend as it's important for us, like insurance. Insurance does give peace of mind to us, so no matter how tight of our financial, we still insure each kid with insurance. There are too many types of insurance available in market, be frankly, i am not sure which can give the best but at least they all have common attributes which still serve perfectly for people. My friend suggests term insurance for my baby, i have not decided yet, perhaps i should let hubby decides it because he is the one who pays the insurance premium.

I hope the time during his stay in town is enough for us to get everything done. The errands like getting a passport and visa for my baby girl, the injection, the insurance thingy and the full moon party are certainly exhausted us.

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