Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I hope to get a good maid

I just cannot stop myself from thinking more about my maid, she has been driving me to nuts and now i just wondering when the fight will come. I think i am patient and have been kind to her, and that's why she is like stepping over my set boundary.

Yesterday, i told her to arrange those things in the kitchen and room cabinets before we left the house to Coastal City. All the while we were used to bring her along while we went outside but this time i would like her to stay at home to tidy up everything. You know, my house has never looked like having a maid as everything looks untidy on the table as well as inside the cabinets. I told her explicitly how to tidy up everything, but i was shocked as i opened the kitchen cabinet and bedroom wardrobe as i came back from Coastal City. They all still in untidy form! And the most shockingly was she told me she had done all of my orders. I was speechless, really speechless. So i just arranged everything by myself again. Hubby said i should tell her what do i want, well, i think i have done myself the best to give her order, but she really seems like getting lazier as time goes by. I wondered how i can survive with another new baby with this maid along, i really worry as i saw her attitude, what's more her salary is expensive. Have been thinking to hire an indo or Filipino maid lately, but another problem has arouse as i don't know how to sack this maid. I felt no heart to see her jobless although what she have done has never reached my target.

I need a good maid, but where to get a good maid?

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Vivianz said...

seriously, i think u need a better maid too.... poor thing. Dont over stress yourself.