Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poor appetite

I feel very hungry, extremely hungry, but every foods here are just not my taste. When i see the food, i feel gagging although my tummy is hungry. I don't know what i want to eat, i have been thinking this and that foods, but i retreated myself when the food being served in front of me. OMG, i thought the morning sickness is getting milder, but no, it actually seems like just started. I feel so tired, but i can't sleep as my mind is still vigorously awake. Sigh, i really do not know what i want, even feel nausea when i go to wet market, everything looks so disgusting in front of me.

My eyes still infecting, i have stopped using the medicine, use or no use also the same so i was preferred to stop it. Still cough, goes worst during midnight. But i still cannot stop myself from taking cold beverage, especially COKE. And, my stomach, sigh, like never digest the food inside as i feel the stomach stuffing all the time even i do not eat any food.

Keep my fingers and toes crossed, i hope to see a blue sky again, and hope to gain back my appetite soon.


Valtay said...

Sounds like the first trimester... I had the same tiredness. I was working full time then. During lunch time I took v quick lunch then go to the office storeroom that's not very clean (dusty, as nobody ever cleans it), put cardboard on the floor and sleep. Wud fall asleep in 3 seconds. Then wake up refreshed and back to work at desk. The short nap helped me tremendously.

Malaika's mummy said...

haha... I had my cravings then also. Sooooo bad until I wanted to fly back immediately. Hang in there.