Tuesday, September 16, 2008

See how as i make every move

I had a scrumptious breakfast in McDonald this morning, had been thinking McD the whole night so i gave myself a good breakfast this morning although i have been feeling unwell since a week ago. With some unknown hormone changes, i have been feeling extremely hungry and craving for some foods especially those Malaysia hawker foods like fried Kuey Teow, Hokkien Mee and even nasi lemak.

Yesterday night, i told my hubby that i would buy a ticket back to KK just because i really couldn't stand my craving buds. He didn't say much and just said "go ahead", perhaps he knows how difficult of me to have this sudden hormone changed. Actually this time is pretty comfortable as compared to last time, although some symptoms still as same as last time such as flu, cough and eyes infection. I went to HKOA, Mongkok to consult an eye specialist, the bill charged me HKD550, that's shockingly expensive but my eyes still not fully recovered after few days of using the eye drop (Tears Naturale Free) and eye gel (Fucithalmic). I showed doctor about what i had been using the pass week, and i was told to stop it (NeoDeca) immediately as it would harm the feotus as it is steroids-responsive (类固醇) which it will cause glaucoma (青光眼). Gosh, the message was shocked and i am worrying although he says just a little used won't be triggered much problems on the feotus.

Time just flies, even though i still somewhat felt like haven't recovered myself from the unplanned happened. Honestly, i felt panic too as the preparation of the he/she arrival is troublesome. I can't simply stay at my parents' house as my bro will be getting married this 31/12, with my SIL i really don't think it will be convenience for me to have my confinement there, and i also don't wish to change Jo's school again. Everything seems hard to be managed, what i can do is just telling myself see how it happens as i make every move. (走一步见一步).

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Malaika's mummy said...

eh... you are pregnant with baby no 3? or I read it wrong?

If yes, congratulation.