Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like sick but not sick

Have you ever had a feel like falling sick but actually you're no sick? I have this feel right now, very very uncomfortable feel, i can feel the body heat but not fever, can feel the stuffy nose, but not flu, and feel like coughing but just hard to cough it out. I feel extremely uncomfortable but just don't know where and how to give myself a right dose of medicine.

The weather was hot, about 33 degree yesterday, but i still needed a thick comforter as i felt very cold when i had my rest in room. Both my hands and toes had been feeling cold the whole day, however my body just as hot as there was a fire burning me. I had been drinking like a gallon of water in order to flush out my body heat, sadly to say, my condition didn't get improved although more fluid had been taken.

I had my right eye infection on Sunday, the infection had got improved on Monday after i had been using the Optrex diligently on Sunday and Monday, yesterday i was survived for not using the Optrex and the eye drop. But today, the infection comes back to me again, OMG, i just hate the eye infection, what's more in this period while i can't use any medication freely.

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