Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A trip to Hui Zhou

We had 3 days long holidays past week due to the Mooncake festival. At first we planned to travel to Japan, but the visa would take 3 to 5 days to be processed so it was impossible for us to stay in HK for 3 or 5 days for merely waiting the Japan Visa. I did think of going to Taiwan, but luckily we didn't make the trip came true as Taiwan has the severe typhoon.

We went to Hui Zhou (惠州) as hubby wanted to join the golf session which was arranged by the banker. It was first time for me to go there where it is a Hakka town. A Hakka dialect seems not a problem for me as i have been conversing Hakka with my hubby although i am a Hainanese. At Hui Zhou, it has a beautiful 小西湖 which is as pretty as the original one in 杭州西湖. But what a wasted that we didn't take a breezy walk at 小西湖 as the main reason we went there is only to play golf.

We stayed in a bungalow at LakeFront Golf House, i don't know how much the bungalow charged per night, but i know it definitely won't be cheap. Even the golf session is RMB1000 per session. The price is expensive as compared to the price in Sabah. I remember it was about RM80 - RM100 per session in Sutera Harbour, Sabah. Golf is expensive activity in China, i guess...even a simple golf shirt can be charged few hundred but i never seen the brand before. Hubby likes the brand of TailorMade, but last Friday i got no time to travel down to TST for getting him the shirt. So he only wore normal collar t-shirt when he was at the golf course.

It was also a first time for me to join those millionaires, but you know, they are totally don't look like millionaires although they own expensive car and also expensive condo. One of them has a house costs more than RMB2500,000! OMG, i don't think i have chance to have such an expensive house in my life. The bankers are really rich, so does the vice president of the insurance company. Sorry as i can't write down the bank's and insurance company name here. The vice president told me that i didn't look like a mother of 2 before his eyes as he thought i was just a secondary school student. Even his son says the same to me. I wondered would his son marry me if i am not a married woman? Haha...that's just a joke as his son is only 9 years old. :-)

Actually with kids along i hardly enjoyed my holidays in Hui Zhou, and i needed to take care 2 kids alone when hubby went down to golf course. Nevermind, i was happy enough to have 2 days 1 night getaway to Hui Zhou. The most importanly is i had few delicious meals in Hui Zhou. They taste good! And the most eye opener is i also first time to eat a tableful of foods, you know, they had ordered more than 20 dishes for only 18 person (including 6 children), no wonder China people never order rice when they are having lunch or dinner, for them, they could get full with just dishes. However, it was a memorable and unforgettable Mooncake festival for me.


msaufong said...

wow...still look like a secondary school girl ahh...haha...so young ah...envy envy..

Vivianz said...

ah... u went travelling ah.... you do look very young. :)