Monday, September 29, 2008

A sick boy and a tired mommy

This week is National Day holidays in China, so means we have 7 days holidays. But sadly to say, we do not plan for any vacation. The mother (me) has been living like a dead fish everyday, has very poor appetite, hates to see rice, or maybe i can say hate to see everything. Just wish to take McD or KFC everyday, long for drinking coffee and cola too. I had been taking a lot of unhealthy fast foods lately, so did my Jo. And he finally down to fever due to taking too much of heaty foods. He started fever on Sunday morning, paraceptamol and suppository didn't help much, i did sponge him with cold towel, it just helped bringing down the temperature a bit but still considered a very hot fever. And i also did the folks method to him, apply the cold egg white and rubbed gently on his back and front, it actually didn't help much too. Sigh, i told hubby, if his fever still not subside by tonight, i will just bring him to have the drip in the local hospital. Hope he gets well soon, i really cannot take care a sick boy, i was just too exhausted, what's more we need to chop our passports, not later by tomorrow, otherwise we will get fined!

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh dear. i hope jo get well soon. you take care too huisia.