Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So lazy

I have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon, but i didn't make it as i felt so tired to travel down to HK. It was terribly sticky hot this morning, so i really didn't feel like going out. I just went to McD again for having my breakfast, then went to Carrefour for a short walk. Actually i had been contemplating whether go or not go, finally i have decided to stay at home. I have just finished the pills (mul-vit and folic acid), hubby asked me what to eat if i were not going to HK, i don't know, maybe just ask those Hongkies buy the GNC folic acid to me will do. Hubby had been persuading me to go to HK, he said i could buy birdnest as well as my external flash, but i was just too lazy to move my butt.

Other than having the flu, cough and eye infection, i think i really do not look like pregnant, and i myself feel nothing too. Maybe i should thankful that i did not suffer from morning sickness so far. Or, it just has not started yet?

Now i wonder when i need to see the doctor again? Actually i didn't see the heart beat at my last checked up.


Annie Q said...

Hey, got good news for us?? Pregnant? Wow! Congrats!

etceteramommy said...

WOWOWOWOWOWWO you pregnant? Congrats! Congrats!