Monday, September 01, 2008

Melbourne Cup

Olympic Game has just over, i miss the equestrian events which were held in HK. I was told that the equestrian events has been successfully held in HK, what a waste that i couldn't join the equestrian fun.

Hubby will be going to Melbourne for business trip, he has great interest to see the coming MELBOURNE CUP but he is pretty wondered whether he has time to see the horse racing or not. But my brother-in-law always teases my hubby as my hubby just likes to see the racing but not betting. Normally betting seems appealing to people, but my hubby just opposite.

My brother-in-law likes to bet, and he has been persuading my hubby to join the betting fun too. MELBOURNE CUP is a hot event in Melbourne, like the Inside Fifty, is the top pick for today. If you are interested in picking this, you can simply open an online account and start betting. I always like the booming of technology, other than online shopping, online banking and other sort of facilities, we can enjoy the online betting too with just mouse clicks away.

I have just opened an online account, who knows later i can win some extra money from betting the MELBOURNE CUP. I better look for more best horse racing tips before betting. Hopefully the tips and strategies will help me.

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