Wednesday, February 04, 2009

27 weeks

Everything has to back to normal now, and i have to adjust myself back to a mother's life. Sometimes i worry how to cope with a life with 3 kids, it's definitely tough and tired. I've ever had a very selfish thought to leave the baby to my mum so that i could concentrate my attention on Jo and Eli, but my heart was melt during my check up on Monday, the baby seemed so cute to me as i saw her blinking her eyes and sucking her thumb. At that moment, i knew something for sure that i won't leave the baby for anyone because i am her mother, her only one. Just very sudden i have loads of love toward the unborn baby. And today, i am in my 27 weeks of pregnancy. But according to the computer scan, my due will be on 30/4, a week earlier. I was told by the HK doctor too. So most probably i have to leave CN around end of March. Time flies, means i have to leave hubby and Jo next month. *sad*

I hardly blog about my pregnancy this time, perhaps my time has been taken up by the kids most of the time, hopefully everything will back to normal once Jo starts his school next Monday. I am simply a slacker!

At 27 weeks,
- Feel itchiness everywhere, especially those marks left by bra and panties. The itchiness mostly happens at night time, and feel no weird to see the red marks around my tummy.
- Cramps a lot recently although i take calcium twice a day.
- Backbone pain, right behind my left chest.
- Swollen feet, right foot seems more serious than left foot. The swollen started since 25/1.
- Pee a lot. Wonder where's the "water" came from.
- Tummy looks small. Nobody believes i am actually in 27 weeks, almost hits 7 months!

Luckily i do not need to hurry for my posts now ever since the bad economic strike, perhaps just a blessing in disguise. But sigh, income drops a lot! Thus, it's a time to SAVE.


kelly said...

Happy Niu Year huisia! Glad to hear it's a "she". Take care ya..

Oliveoylz said... sooooooooooooo happy for u...U got ur wish...a little princess it is!!!!!! YEI!!!

Blur Angel said...

yeah! it's a SHE!! congrats!!! now u can spend more on her lil' dresses and accessories!! :) everything in PINK!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Oh, it's a her! You're going to have a girl... finally!

Binky! said...

Ooh, it's a girl! Congratulations!

Mummy Moon said...

Congrates! Wanted to ask the baby is girl or boy, but I think I have got the answer here.. Now you can buy mei mei clothing .

Vivianz said...

it's a girl????? congrat! bring her back to SZ! Naomi got a girl friend. hehehehehe

Vivianz said...

oh oh.... and we can shopping in the same shops liao, muahahahahhaa

Alicia said...

congrates! u got a princess!

etceteramommy said...

Congratsss!! It's a SHE!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Aiyooo.. feel like making baby girl now too. Did you plan or natural?


Oh congrats! Only now I know you are preggie with no.3. Take good care ya!