Wednesday, February 25, 2009

30 weeks

Time flies, another 10 weeks to go!

weight - 72kg (using own scale)

At 30 weeks : -
- Has been coughing since last Thursday (19/2), cough badly at night especially when i am sleeping. But seems like normal during daytime.
- Left eye infection, got it yesterday night. I went to the government hospital (opposite my house) this morning, paid RMB30 for the scan and the medicine. The consultation fee was pretty cheap but i wonder the medicine safe for my baby?? Having said so, i still put the drops in my eyes just now. What to do because i didn't want to spread the germs to my boys.
- I cough still i can't control my bladder. This is more embarrassing part. I guess i need pelvic floor exercise to strengthen the muscle, sigh, i just can't imagine how loose "it" can be after delivery the third baby.
- Cramps hardly happened, perhaps i have been drinking a lot of soup, which the soup rich in calcium.
- No more swollen feet ever since i back to SZ.
- I love coffee and "nai-cha" (teh) more than milk. Barely take milk and never buy any tin of milk powder so far.
- Tummy, well, not so prominent yet!

I have been thinking to take pregnancy photos, of course the camera man will be my hubby, but till now he still has no time for me!

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aprilWong said...

wow...30 weeks already.. so fast.. take care ya!