Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day Celebration

Backdated post.

I can't remember how did we celebrate our Valentine's Day last year, perhaps we just treated the day as normal other day, but this year, it's quite meaningful for hubby and me because we sneaked out for celebrating our 12th V-day at "Huang Chu"(皇厨) steak house. Actually, we didn't go out furtively because Jo knew that we would be going out, but as for Eli, yeah, my maid had to carry him to room so that we could leave peacefully.

It was actually an impromptu dinner as i never thought of spending money on V-day since everything could be damn expensive on that day. However, hubby was keen to go out with me and willingly to spend, so off we went without any initial table booking, luckily we just had to wait for less than 30 minutes before we're being served.

The dinner is always romantic and peaceful without kids, yeah, i really mean it. Although i didn't have any bouquet of flowers nor luxury present, i did enjoy my dinner and my V-day night with my hubby. He was lovely enough to wake up earlier in the morning to accompany me to wet market and had McD as breakfast, although Eli was tagging along in the morning, i was still happy enough to spend my V-day in such a simple but meaningful way. We did go to florist shop after we went to wet market, woo, those flowers were damn expensive and i saw one at RMB1300 with 99 roses. Really a crazy price, hehe, i wondered who was the lucky girl to receive such an expensive and pretty bonquet of flowers.

The dinner actually quite expensive and not worth to pay RMB408, but we had to accept it since V-day is a day about to burn man's wallet. :)


Lemonjude said...

Lovely dinner...and lovely V day too..

@ Pooi Kuan said...

Hi.. m a new reader of your blog. You have a lovely dinner.. a bit exp la.. me too.. my hubby and i are not keen to celebrate v-day as restaurant always crowded.. same to the traffic as well.. :) hope to share more with you in future. :)

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

lovely dinner :)