Saturday, February 28, 2009

Magic Shielding Lotion - Gloves In A Bottle

Oh, now is just February but i guess Winter is over as recently is quite hot, just like today i have to switch on my air-cond! Wow, unbelievable, about the same time last year we still had to wear thick Winter jacket, but today, i can even wear singlet! Anyway, i am glad Winter is over as i really prefer Spring than Winter.
I was survived in last Winter, why did i say so? You know, i had been suffering a lot of skin problems before i used Gloves In A Bottle, and it was always a nightmare when Winter came, but after been introduced to this magic shielding lotion, i definitely could say goodbye to my skin problem even the weather was cold outside.

Thanks to Pete, who was generous enough to send me one Gloves In A Bottle without charging me! Be frankly, i really do not have heart to use it as i am afraid it'll be finished. So i only use it once a while when i feel the skin roughness. I love this shielding lotion so much and hardly find other similar lotions here, perhaps i should buy few more to keep in my drawer so that i can use it everyday!

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