Monday, February 09, 2009

Nothing is perfect

I have few blogs, 1 hosted under GlobeDomain, 1 hosted under Eternal Solution and another 1 is hosted under Exabytes. I have always found it has lot of problems to connect to the server of Eternal Solution and that's why it always takes long time for me to upload my photos. And i have been thinking to migrate my database to Exabytes too once the account is due. But now, Exabytes is having the same problem, and it always take ages for me to connect to their server. I am doing the wordpress upgrading now, but gosh, after few hours i still cannot get the update thingy done because my database keeps disconnecting from the Exabytes server. I am so fed up, i hope i can get my post done as early as possible, but seems like i was over expected!

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