Saturday, February 28, 2009

Although she is not perfect

I admitted she is not perfect, but nobody is perfect, right?

She, yeah, i am talking about my maid! Since i treated her as my another pair of hands, so i should accept everything of her, despite she is just imperfect.

I have never known that my kitchen could be that dirty even the maid washed the kitchen every other day, and i would never get known if i not washed the kitchen by myself. Gosh, i simply shocked when i saw the dirtiness under the fridge. Maid being maid, i think i was too rely on her last time, sigh, i should be more detective and check everything that done by her rather than just trusting her.

Now she has left, although i have lost my another pair of hands, be frankly, i enjoy my life without a maid even though i am a maid for my hubby and kids now!

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