Friday, July 17, 2009

Drawback of having advance technology

We have few insurance policies in our household, but due to advance technology nowadays, i do not need to visit to the insurance company for paying the premium when each policy reaches its mature date because the premium will be deducted automatically by the bank.

Progressive technology is good but it does have its drawbacks, at least for me. I think i have been too depend on technology till sometimes i miss out something. I've always thought my bank would help settling my premiums till recently i only managed to know that one of my policy premium has been due for almost a year, gosh, as i hardly check the bank statement so i didn't know that whether the premium was charged or not. Luckily it's still not too late for me to settle the premium.

So it's better for me to open up the hard copy everytime i receive their letter, really cannot just depend on technology. I have just got my sister an insurance for her birthday present, i did check the life insurance quotes and did a little bit comparison before i finalized the one through internet, see, i have to scout the quotes from one company to another company personally if without technology, but with technology i did save lot of effort by just having few mouse clicking away at my own convenience. :)

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