Friday, July 10, 2009

The plan is dematerialized

Easier said than done. I thought i was fine to just leave the kids in KK then i take the flight back to CN today, but the mind of going back for a few days stay has totally vanished as i am typing this post.

My mother was fine to take care of my 3 kids during my absence, and i had make up my mind just take my passport and put all my Biotherm skincare products into the hand carry luggage then i could leave to airport, buy the air ticket then leave. I woke up pretty early just now as i was really thinking to spend my weekend in CN, but after finished nursing my baby my thought of leaving the kids for few days has been buried. I simply couldn't stand firm on my plan once i see my little baby, yes, i was worrying her feeding and i don't think she would like being nursed by bottle, that's why i couldn't just leave the house like what i said.

I need a good rest, an uninterrupted good rest which can help recharging myself again. I almost go bonkers, so before my mind turns wild i better have the rest first, otherwise i think i'll suffer the so-called postnatal blue! But how to get a good rest?


msaufong said...

is it possible to find a good SPA center at KK? Try to spend some hour there, enjoy the peaceful environment and relax your mind.

Baby Darren said...

Why not go for a short 2 days 1 night holiday away from the home? Not too far but more for the reason to rest and recharge. Spa is also a good option, as long u can get away from the 3 kids and have some peaceful me time.

I know it is not easy. Going to CN maybe too far for you. Plan for a shorter holiday, if can, with ur family?

I'm so sorry to hear about ur current emotional state. I can understand totally as I frequently attacked by depression too. You must do something different, get away from the stressor and take a good rest.

lisaOne said...

i think you're missing your hubby :)

and of course the idea of leaving the kids for awhile..even for a short while..especially so you are still nursing.. is tempting but almost too difficult to undertake. what if the baby don't take bottle and not drinking well? what if the baby crying and looking for mummy?? all this haunts you till you back down on every plan. a mom will always think of their kids before them. that's god creation :)

my last holiday was 5 years ago to paris, where i conceived the little fella and since then, i have not been on vacation at all because i was breastfeeding him for 3 years right upto to the point i was sick.

it's okay dear. i understand what you are feeling. the feeling of willingly being tied down can sometimes suffocate you.

relax a little 'k? if you can't take days off..just take a few hours off for a hairdo, a facial or a massage. that's help a little to put the focus back on yourself :)

lisaOne said...

and remember to keep yourself HOT with the sexy costume when you meet him again this september.

so, do pamper yourself a little :)

etceteramommy said...

You're exhausted HuiSia. I agree with the suggestions by other mommies here. Why not take a short city/spa break in one of the hotels? That way you can relax and in case your mom really cant handle you could go home easily?