Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kinesio Tape

I am a superwoman, taking care of my 3 kids by my own without any helpers. The 2 boys are veritably demanding as well as the little baby who still needs be nursed every 2 hours. Sometimes i feel like crazy when 3 of them decided to throw their tantrum together, of course, i can't deny there is always fun and happy when 3 of them are well behaved and playing together.

I have been suffering muscles pain ever since my little girl was born, perhaps due to my age is catching up or perhaps due to calcium deficiency, my muscles pain is getting serious and serious and the pain goes worst when it's raining. Friend of mine suggested kinesio tape to me as it is good to support my muscle and joints, so that i won't hurt them even more. Yes, i need the tape as soon as possible, so that i can continue carrying my kids.

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