Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learn to invest money

I am so covetous of my uncle's possessions, he's a rich man although he's not highly educated. However, he has his intelligence in stock options trading, that's why he still can have very attractive revenue in such a bad economic times. I should have learned from him, so that i can be rich. Well, maybe not as rich as him, but at least i wish i have freedom when comes to spending my money. Being a full time stay at home mother doesn't sound great for me, actually i have always wanted to go back to corporate world again, but due to 3 kids in tow i have to forgo my plan and continue enduring my life of being a mother. Even my man is spoilsport as he always chills my heart for being a full time working mother.

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lisaOne said...

m'dear, you are not enduring life. you look pretty and healthy. you have a caring hubby and 3 lovely kids, your life are so blessed!

you are enjoying life.. :)

being a full time mom isn't that bad at all. you get to be with the kids, watching them grow. it might have it monstrous hair tearing moment but i'm sure they bring you smiles everyday.