Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life goes easy

I have not been productive in blog lately, simply has lost my momentum to blog. Actually i found most of my friends have lost their momentum as me too. Luckily we still get connected through FB. I was asked why i seldom post story about my girl in my blog, even was told that i was quite unfair because i seldom upload her photo in my blog but was always uploading my boys' pictures. No, i didn't act unfair but equally fair to all my 3, and most of my girl's pictures are posted in FB. So, you know where you should head for it. :)

I have been quite active in FB ever since i activated my mobile for unlimited access to internet. Connecting the world through mobile is more easier nowadays, although i have a netbook but won't you think that mobile phone is more easier to be carried than netbook? Yeah, i just like the idea of browsing the net through my mobile, even got my sister term life insurance quote through my mobile too. Life can be simple if you can connect to internet 24x7. And i am glad that i am able to enjoy such a simple life. Well, actually i am not really enjoy because i still have worked for more moolah to pay my sister's insurance premium. Yes, for her birthday present and will continue to pay till she works. That's why i didn't simply get her an insurance plan until i checked and compared all the quotes i got from internet.

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