Tuesday, July 21, 2009

House hunting

I have been very busy to hunt for a house in town recently. Have visited 3 so far : -
1. Taman Chimera, Kolombong (picture above), new housing area with only 39 units and it's a guarded community. 3 storey house at RM493000.
2. Taman BDC, Kolombong, brand new unit and has just one unit left, but sadly the house is near the high tension though its location is better than Taman Chimera. 3 storey house at RM565000.
3. Hiltop Perdana, Luyang, a 3 storey semi-D and also a guarded community. This one is in prime location and nearby my parents' house, but it's too expensive at RM969000. At this nearly to a million, i would opt for buying a shoplot instead of a semi-D.

No.3 is excluded due to its steep price and No.2 too since it's near to the high tension. So only No.1 can be considered now. I like it very much because the workmanship of the house is pretty good and so does the materials they used, but one thing is the location because it is located near the industrial area and it is in suburban area, just like the hubby's house.

Since the house is for investment, so i don't think there will be someone likes to stay in industrial area although it's a landed property. I am still thinking of it, feel like getting it and also not getting it. Tomorrow i will head to another unit in Radiant Tower, it's an unit with an occupied tenant, perhaps this is good for me since it's for investment. But one thing is, it's at third floor without lift, and it sells at RM420000.


Health Freak Mommy said...

3-storey at RM493k is pretty reasonable. Houses in KK are quite expensive too eh?

millionaire instantly said...

I am looking for a house around inanam and likas online where i stumble upon mudah.com.my, attract with tmn chimera and houses in tmn bdc being advertise but not sure about the location until i stop at your blog. tmn chimera corner lot price today is almost rm800,000. Taman BDC now delete from my list. I agree with you about this place being a high tension area and as for tmn chimera, this is located in rural area. i'm not sure if my parents manage to stop by whenever they come to kk.so i will check another house around. thanks for the short review. it's help.